oia pac: insuring your political risk

OIA and Knight Insurance Group hosted a political event in support of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted's gubernatorial campaign.

Ohio Insurance Agents Political Action Committee (OIA PAC) is a voluntary, non-partisan political action committee. Our PAC is the voice of Ohio’s independent insurance agents and insurance consumers. As your advocate, we are dedicated to promoting a competitive insurance marketplace.

As a result of our advocacy efforts, OIA has made progress on a number of initiatives:

  • Defeating a sales tax expansion to agent commissions
  • Allowing agents to carry over excess CE hours
  • Prohibiting falsified certificates of insurance
  • Developing a solution for Ohio businesses to get workers’ compensation coverage in neighboring states
  • Helping elect the best candidates to the Ohio Supreme Court to ensure a stable and competitive insurance marketplace

Giving a voice to independent agents

OIA PAC supports the election of knowledgeable leaders who champion policies promoting a strong economy and competitive insurance marketplace.

Contributions to OIA PAC support Ohio Supreme Court, legislative and other statewide candidates.

Why support OIA PAC

  • Invitations to various political events throughout the state and Washington, D.C.
  • Your name published in our Contributor's List featured in OIA promotional materials.
  • Political influence to advocate for independent agents and Ohio consumers.
  • A proactive step to progress your industry and association, helping to ensure relevance and longevity.

You can make a difference

OIA Political Action Committee logo

Thank you to our 2018 contributors -- Your support is critical to our continued success!

Our 2019 goal is to raise $50,000 to strengthen our efforts to promote a strong economy and competitive insurance marketplace in Ohio. Donate to the PAC today!