Sales training for CSRs, Account Managers and their Leaders

We’re excited to bring you live, remotely-delivered sales training specifically for CSRs and account managers!

Designed to help increase cross-selling, up-selling and account-rounding skills, the program will help CSRs and account managers close business more confidently and more frequently. Plus, owners and managers get private “coach-the-coach” sessions to ensure successful implementation – all without leaving the office!

[Picture of Sheldon to the left] Delivered by Sheldon Snodgrass, acclaimed IACON19 speaker, the one-year CSR Sales Habit Builder program delivers engaging, live web-video coaching to build powerful habits that lead to a great company sales culture.

The CSR Sales Habit Builder program will teach CSRs and account managers to:

  1. Easily transition service calls into sales conversations

  2. Turn account review calls into account rounding and up-selling calls that are welcomed by clients

  3. Ask questions using an emotive sales process to sell beyond price and improve closing ratio

  4. Generate more referrals between departments and customers

  5. Stop wasting time remarketing policies every time a customer says, “My rates went up!”

  6. Create air-tight follow-up habits in response to “I’ll send it to you…” or “I’ll ask my spouse and call you back.”

  7. Confront fear-based, limiting beliefs that people hate to be sold or that they only care about the lowest price.

After working with Sheldon, one agency owner remarked, “Over the course of his coaching we saw a 73 percent increase in net new PL policies.

Get started!

To learn more or begin working with Sheldon, contact him at (413) 244-2294 and be sure to mention you’re an OIA member. He offers a 100 percent happiness guarantee – if after the first session you don’t believe the program will deliver on its promised results, you get a full refund and can keep all the program materials.

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