Recognizing Ohio's top independent insurance agents - 2014

Independent agents aren't the type of people to give themselves a pat on the back for their accomplishments. That's why we want to recognize exceptional individuals who not only raise the bar in their day-to-day jobs, but also make time in their busy schedules to give back.

Not only do independent agents offers expert advice, guidance and peace of mind to their clients, but they also play an integral part in their communities, from sponsoring the local baseball team to helping with donations for the local food bank.

The OIA Awards Ceremony celebrates independent agents who are transforming lives and building stronger communities. We are taking nominations for the awards now. Nominate someone you know who has made a positive difference!

Industry Person of the Year Independence Bell Award
Kathy Lanese

Kathy Lanese received the 2014 Independence Bell/Industry Person of the Year Award. "I'm passionate about being a voice for independent agents and their clients," she said.

Outstanding Company Achievement Eagle Award
PaceSetter Program

The PaceSetter Program offered by State Auto Insurance Companies
received the 2014 Eagle/Outstanding Company Achievement of the Year Award. “In an industry where as few as one of three new producers survive the second year in business, the documented success rate of the PaceSetter Program is nearly 70 percent,” said Fields. “State Auto is proud of the program and how it prepares new agents for a solid career.”

Past Awards

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Independent agents are hard at work every day not only offering their clients expert advice, guidance and peace of mind, but also reaching out beyond their office doors to lead or assist in programs that help neighbors in need. This innate desire to do the right thing for people characterizes many independent agents, making their purpose as agents more meaningful and their dedication to clients more focused.

Recognizing independent agents who are creating a positive impact in the industry or their community not only provides them with well-deserved acknowledgment, it also helps build awareness of independent agents across Ohio and demonstrates how the value they provide reaches far beyond a business transaction.

Do you know an independent agent that meets these criteria? We want to hear from you! Submit a nomination form today!

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