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OIA Members Surpass PAC Goal

Thanks to the support of 235 OIA members, $50,615 was raised in 2019 for Ohio Insurance Agents Political Action Committee, achieving the goal of raising at least $50,000 to help promote a strong economy and a competitive insurance marketplace in Ohio for you and your clients.

Agency Participation 

When we crunched some numbers and looked at how we did in regard to agency participation, we realized that the group with the greatest PAC participation rate, both in monetary value and in number of contributors, is not an agency at all. It is OIA, which raised more than $3,600 from 15 staff members. This serves as a testament to the inspiration and culture that OIA members have created at OIA and how much our staff believes that peace of mind is not a commodity and understands that the PAC is a critical element in promoting, progressing and protecting independent agents, who in turn, best protect Ohioans and their way of life. We hope to break even more participation records this year.

In addition to OIA, three agencies raised more than $1,000 for OIA PAC. These agency champions are: Webb Insurance Agency, Inc. of Lima; Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. of Westerville and Phelan Insurance Agency, Inc. of Versailles.

Thank you for providing OIA with the necessary political resources to effectively advocate for insurance consumers and independent agents. Our goal is to raise $50,000 this year. With two Ohio Supreme Court seats lost in 2018 to activist judges the two seats up for election in 2020 on the Ohio Supreme Court are the most important elections we have faced in decades. If we lose these seats, there will be a significant shift in judicial philosophy on the Court. We will be back to an era like Scott-Pontzer when the Court made astonishing decisions -- like extending employers’ UM/UIM to employees who got into accidents in their own cars, on their own time. Together we can prevent this from happening. Make your 2020 contribution to OIA PAC today.


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ACORD Begins Charging Users: What Agents Need to Know

On Jan. 1, 2020, agents, brokers, carriers and others who use ACORD forms will need to begin paying to use the service.

But there’s good news for agents who access the forms through their agency management systems.

Big “I” National, OIA’s national affiliate, has negotiated an agreement with ACORD to cover the cost of End User Licenses when forms are accessed through an agency management system. This means that as long as you maintain an active OIA membership, you have access to a complimentary End User License for your agency.

If you currently use ACORD forms through your management system, you should experience no change in your workflow, with the exception of an initial, and then annual, validation of your membership.

But What If I Don’t Use a Management System?

If you don’t use a management system, your system doesn’t have a specific form you need, or you don’t use another authorized ACORD forms redistributor, there are two subscriptions available based on agency revenue.

Learn more 

Questions or need further help?

 Find more information on ACORD forms subscriptions and licensing requirements 

 Contact ACORD directly at memberservices@acord.org or (845) 620-1700

 Read more about Big I’s agreement with ACORD 


IACON19 Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone that joined us for IACON19 last week!

We hope you all had an amazing time and that you were able to go back to your agency and implement the tools and tactics that you learned! Check out the video above for a quick wrap up on IACON19, and stay tuned for next year! 

Did you miss out on IACON19? Click below for the details on what you missed...

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Help your clients with Ohio workers’ comp!

There is still time to help your Ohio commercial clients receive a quote for group rated workers’ compensation insurance. From now through the end of October, our trusted partner, CompManagement, is accepting AC-3s for review.

Although workers’ compensation insurance in Ohio is provided through the state, you still have the opportunity to help your clients receive substantial discounts on their workers’ comp premiums through CompManagement’s group rating program, available exclusively through your OIA membership.

In addition to helping your clients save money on their premiums, your agency is eligible to receive a quote as well. Simply download this form and return it to CompManagement by the end of October in order to be considered for the 2020 plan year.

Interested in learning more about OIA’s program? Find out why more than 700 Ohio insurance agencies trust OIA and CompManagement to help with their agencies’ and their clients’ workers compensation insurance needs.

 Why OIA's program is the best

Indium-Secured Advantage relationship is not meant to exclude other entities

Since 1897, OIA has been the champion advocate and trusted advisor for independent agents in Ohio. To advance the independent agency system, OIA has made strategic partnerships over the years in several areas. Through our partnership with Utica, Westport and Fireman’s Fund we provide excellent E&O coverage to our agents. Our partnership with CompManagement allows us to provide a worker’s compensation solution for our agent’s and their commercial clients in Ohio.

As a trusted advisor we continually explore ways to help our agents grow and succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. In the coming months, you will learn of many partnerships the OIA is vetting and entering into to continue to foster the growth for the independent agency system.  At OIA’s upcoming annual conference, IACON19, you will interact with several financial partners, insurance companies, wholesalers, brokers, networks, alliances and tech vendors all who support OIA’s mission of helping the independent agent.

The core of an independent agent is providing options to your clients. Similarly, OIA believes success of the independent agent depends on their ability to have access to options. We want the IA channel to be open and inclusive. Our partnerships over the years have been with this core idea in mind and that philosophy has not changed with any partnership we have entered in the past or in the future. 

In our efforts to provide options for agents to grow their businesses, we are willing and interested in exploring partnerships with all entities that support the growth of independent agencies. We want agents to have options for market access and OIA is fortunate to work with some of Ohio’s strongest market access providers, wholesalers, brokers, networks, aggregators and alliances to educate our members on a solution that is the right fit for their agency.

With that in mind, the recent announcement of the Indium-Secured Advantage relationship is not meant to exclude the possibility of exploring and entering into similar arrangements with other entities that provide agents with options and will ultimately help independent agents grow. Quite the contrary, it is a sign that OIA is at the heart of the IA community and we are open to partnerships that support the growth of the independent agency system. We look forward to seeing you at IACON19 on September 20!

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