How to respond to unfair requests for certificates

Tired of Unfair Certificates of Insurance Requests?

Over the years, we have heard of many instances where general contractors, banks, government entities and other clients are unfairly demanding agents to list coverage information on the certificate of insurance that is not part of the insurance policy.

We now have a statutory solution to curb these unreasonable requests in Ohio. The next time a business or your client demands falsified or deceptive language to be included on a certificate of insurance, you should remind them that under Ohio’s new law, the “Certificates of Insurance Act,” it is expressly illegal for them to demand, and for you or any other agent to provide a certificate of insurance that attempts to amend, extend or alter coverage that is not provided in the insurance policy.

OIA has prepared an implementation toolkit for members to utilize in their interactions with certificate requestors. The kit includes:

  • A letter for clients about the “Certificate of Insurance Act”

  • ODI’s press release on protocols and oversight for certificates of insurance

  • A summary of the law

  • A copy of the law

  • FAQs

  • IIABA’s Virtual University section on certificates of insurance

Visit OIA's resource page on Certificates of Insurance for more information.

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