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Insurance for Your Clients

Serving As the Main Resource for Client Insurance

OIA offers exceptional insurance initiatives to independent agents and their clients. Your agency can choose from a variety of options with your OIA membership to determine which policies benefit your agency’s clientele.

RLI Home-Based Business Insurance

RLI’s Home-Based Business Insurance Policy, written on an ISO BOP form, is specifically designed for clients who run small businesses from their homes. Use the client-facing brochures below to have a take-away for your clients.

Protection Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Provide

Customizable RLI Home Business Insurance Brochure

RLI Personal Umbrella Insurance

OIA members can assist clients in protecting their assets with RLI’s Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP). Additionally, members can offer standalone PUP to personal line clients who aren’t eligible for an umbrella with their current home or auto carrier.

Big “I” Markets

Offer exclusive top-tier products to your clients with Big “I” Markets, an online market access system available as part of your OIA membership. Members enjoy no fees, no volume commitments or competitive commissions.

Selective Flood Insurance

Offering competitive commissions and special arrangements for book rolls, Selective’s Flood Insurance Program offers your clients a superior service program as well as an online system designed to make writing flood insurance easy and profitable.

Workers’ Compensation

OIA and Sedgwick have partnered to offer a Workers’ Compensation program to give your agency and clients access to support, stability and savings, a vital asset to businesses and employees.

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