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It is our mission to ensure that you are comfortable with emerging and innovative solutions. OIA has created a technology hub that helps agents identify, vet, and select the right technology partners. Agencies have business plans, employees, processes, and customers. Faced with the want and need to digitize, our library of technology resources provides agents with the necessary, actionable tools to learn about solutions and make informed decisions that meet and exceed growth and retention goals. Below, you will find video demonstrations of competing technologies, DIY guides that build your dialogue and selection criteria with prospective partners, and a growing list of consulting resources for empowering agents with technology acumen.

Experience Agent Tech in Action

Determining which emerging technology companies are truly assisting the digitization of independent agencies, OIA asks solutions providers that enable all facets of the insurance customer journey to present their products in real time and alongside their competitors. Unlike any other forum in the country, OIA hosts the best and brightest technologists on one virtual stage to validate their claims through live demos and in front of our Technology Roundtable agency volunteers. See the results below, and stay tuned for more product demos that legitimize partners for all of your agency’s technology needs.

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Prescription for Choosing Tech Partners

As agents, you are inundated by phone calls, emails, and conference expo conversations about the latest and greatest in tech. In addition to the noise, you have an idea of processes and experiences that you want to improve assuming the right solutions exist. Below is a library of helpful DIY documents that equip you with a prescription for vetting, selecting, and measuring the value of your technology partnerships as they enable your agency’s sales and retention initiatives.

Build your agency’s tech plan by downloading the OIA Technology Strategy Template


Prepare qualifying questions by downloading the OIA Tech Partner Diligence Template


The Tech Track

We are dedicated to providing thought leadership and commentary on all things agent technology. Please enjoy articles from our contributing authors.

How to Vet

Terms like InsurTech and IndieTech are used wildly and carry with them both positive and negative connotations.  For agents, the terms create a mixed bag of opportunity and fear.  Industry educators are heightening the conversation through information overload, stating that you must take part in the tech movement now.  Many insurtechs exacerbate the discussion, trade high-fives, build each other’s egos, and never get beyond suggestive language that leads to measurable execution.  This leaves the agent stranded in a world of hyperbole.

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A Techlist Checklist for Remote Work

Bob Dylan coined the phrase “times they are a-changin.” We are likely reading this post while working from home.  Our in-person collaboration with employees and customers has been limited or suspended.  Tools that we may have deemed as secondary in our operations must now be prioritized as a staple for sustaining the agency.

If you are seeking a checklist of essential tools and services that empower your remote workflow, we have provided a collection of technology hardware and software recommendations that help…

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The Vertafore Acquisition & Agents

Roper Technologies will acquire Vertafore for $5.35 billion. This development has created excitement for industry media outlets and on social media channels, so let’s take the opportunity to consider the implications of the transaction for insurance agents.

First, it is important to temper the excitement by acknowledging some fundamental practices of private equity (PE) firms. Typically, PEs compile an investment portfolio with companies that have high growth potential but require additive…

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