4 Tips to Being a Social Media-Savvy Independent Agent

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You don’t have to be a major brand name or huge corporation to make a splash on social media.

In fact, if you’re a small business, having active social media accounts (particularly LinkedIn and Facebook) can be a great way to reach new and existing clients.

As an added bonus, social media can also serve as a valuable tool for recruiting new staff when you showcase how enjoyable it is to work in your agency.

Why is social media such a powerful platform?

Unlike other marketing channels, social media gives you an opportunity to really highlight your agency’s personality – from the company culture to the amazing people – everything that makes your agency unique and unlike any other business.

Check out these 4 simple tips to maximize your agency’s social media and take your digital marketing presence to the next level.

1. Create a social media strategy

As with any endeavor, a well-planned-out strategy makes all the difference.

What types of content will you be sharing, and how frequently do you plan to post?

Check out these guidelines

To plan ahead, we recommend creating a monthly calendar. Think about agency activities taking place in the upcoming month that you can share. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Seasonal risk management advice

  • Agency team member volunteerism

  • Local community event attendance

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Employee anniversaries and birthdays

You can also create posts to tag onto national observances (i.e. National Teen Driver Safety Week) or fun themed days (i.e. National Coffee Day). Check out these resources to find daily, weekly and monthly observances:

National Day Calendar

National Safety Council Calendar

National Health Observances

2. Share content that provides value

As trusted risk advisors and insurance experts, your team is uniquely qualified to provide risk-management advice to consumers.

Why not use social media to share this expert advice to a larger audience?

Every independent agency should be using a blog on their website to share valuable advice and answer client questions.

This content can be shared on your agency’s social media channels to educate your followers and direct them to your agency’s website (a surefire way to increase traffic to your website!).

From your analysis on a timely industry topic (ridesharing, flood insurance, health insurance, rates in your area, etc.) or general risk-management advice, value-driven content is truly a win-win for your agency. Your employees are seen as industry thought leaders, and your followers receive valuable information.

3. Show off your agency’s personality

People connect and do business with people, and that’s why brands with personalities are so successful (think Apple or Nike).

Think about the brands you follow and why you connect with them.

Likely, your affinity for these brands has to do with an emotional connection (you trust them or experience enjoyment when interacting with them).

By showcasing your agency’s personality on social media, you’re giving consumers the opportunity to connect on an emotional level to your brand, to the human element of your business.

How do you do this?

By showing off your people. Share pictures highlighting work anniversaries and other special occasions.

Feature brief profiles of team members that show both their professional and personal sides.

Susan is our in-house expert on contractors’ insurance. You may run into her on the local bike trails or at an animal shelter, as she is an avid runner and has a passion for rescuing dogs. Susan has been with our agency for seven years and we are so lucky to have her!

4. Use creative videos and images

To capture viewers’ attention, images and videos are a must to effectively communicate your message.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer or videographer to design infographics or take a simple video with your phone.

To spruce up your social media posts, use tools designed for those who lack graphic design skills, such as Canva.

Also, check in with your carriers to find out what kinds of turn-key resources they may already have developed that can be co-branded for your agency.

As you know, video is king on social. You need to have video on your website and in your social media posts.

Video creation platforms like GoAnimate and Animoto give you the ability to make engaging animated or video slideshows for your agency.

Don’t want to create your own? You also have access to an entire library of videos through your OIA membership.

Are you ready?

Social media can seem daunting, but it offers endless opportunities for your agency to connect with current clients, engage with local businesses, and foster relationships with new clients.

Need help? Check out OIA’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for ideas, or drop us a note if you’ve hit a hurdle and don’t know where to start. We’re here to help!

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