Partnerships Matter

Partnerships are at the core of the independent agency system. Just like at your agency, the carriers you represent share your commitment to those whose assets and lives you are protecting. It’s no different at OIA. We have partnered with insurance carriers to provide errors and omissions coverage with insurance carriers who have stood the test of time.

Our carriers, Utica, Westport, and Fireman’s Fund align with our commitment to the independent agency system and like OIA, they have been protecting our agent’s collectively for over 100 years.

We know the value of partnerships and we know that it starts with you. Our partnership with independent agents is rooted in establishing trust, caring deeply about your success, understanding your needs, advocating for your health, always having your back and being your champion. OIA partners have the same vision.

With OIA, our partnership with you always comes first. Your agency’s protection and wellbeing will always be our highest priority. You can always count on us.

We have been protecting independent agencies professional liability for decades and through that time we have established a lot of partners. We partner with all the key players in Ohio’s insurance, legal, business, legislative, political, and regulatory community.

Our partnerships are with the best carriers, experts, products, law firms, education, checklists, and preventative practices.

With OIA, you will never be a transaction. You will never be another revenue stream outsourced to a New York or California broker. You will never be just a policyholder.

You will always be the reason why we exist. You will always be the center of our advocacy efforts. You will always be a member and our highest priority.

We know you. We care about you. We are passionate about the success of your agency and the independent agency system.

Why? Because we are you. We have and will always be led and collectively owned by independent agents.

Independent agencies are in our DNA. Thank you for trusting us with your most important asset. Thank you for having a partnership with your trusted E&O advisor, advocate, and champion.

Partnerships matter.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your E&O coverage, please reach out to Judy Sivy at (614) 552-3048 or

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