The haste & hustle of a home-based side hustle

“Hey there! How have you been? I know we haven’t talked since high school, but have you heard about [insert new product here]?

We have all been approached by that person that we haven’t spoken to in years, maybe it’s your best friend adding a side hustle to save up for that Disney trip, or it could even be your retired mom trying to supplement her income.

THEN, COVID happened. Paychecks were limited due to shut-downs, and the entire metric of social media changed because that usual lull of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. B.C. (Before COVID) was now filled with a newfound metric of scrolls and activities. Parents found themselves home from work with their kids, balancing work and teaching or worse no income and extra meals to prepare and provide.

While 2020 brought us COVID – it also brought us an amazing opportunity for HOME BUSINESSES.

LuLaRoe, Mary Kay, AdvoCare, Thirty-One, Zyia Active, Scentsy – the list is daunting and LONG! There is a direct sales business for just about everyone out there – and then some.

Maybe it’s not a cookie-cutter direct sales initiative, maybe your neighbor John is putting those woodworking tools in the garage to work now that he has some extra time on his hands and needs some space from the kids.

Aunt Sally has a newfound love for baking and those cookies are just the cutest. Tax prep, virtual assistants, even some beauticians are now home and still looking for a way to pay the bills –


probably not!

Don’t let the haste of leaning into this opportunity to start a home business get tangled up in the hassle of an uninsured claim.

There is good news! You have an affordable option to save them from an uninsured claim and an easy way to round out your accounts.

You have RLI Home Business Insurance.

The RLI Home Business Insurance Policy has provided affordable coverage tailored for home-based businesses for over 20 years and can provide your customers peace of mind.

Benefits include:

  • Coverage for business personal property away from the premises location. Policy endorsement provides coverage to business personal property which is temporarily at a premise an insured may lease, operate, or occupy.
  • Coverage limits are available up to $100,000 for the business personal property while at the location and temporarily off location.
  • Package Policy priced for home-based businesses.
  • Many business classifications include coverage endorsements designed to tailor coverage for business operations being conducted.
  • Up to $1,000,000 in business liability coverage with aggregate limits at two times the per occurrence limit.
  • Liability limits follow the insured’s business operations conducted within the U.S. and provide for losses that result in bodily injury

The process is as easy as contacting Alexandra DeVictor to get your agency set up with RLI and then the sky is the limit.

Online quoting ability, e-sign and e-pay options for your clients, affordable rates, and an easy-to-use online portal all make your process as seamless as possible.


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