RLI Personal Umbrella – Distracted Teen Driving

SCHOOLS OUT!! *Alexa, play Pink Floyd*

Flip flops stuck out the passenger window, hand waving in the breeze of 7am-3pm freedom, radio cranked. I would say knobs are being fiddled with but if their car is like the new one that I just purchased, there are just touchscreen buttons, and you can’t even pop in a CD! Now, it’s all “Hey, Toyota” “OK, Google”, but that is the responsible thing to do – what if they are trying to find that perfect song while looking at their phone? (It just takes a second, right?)

5 seconds. 5 seconds is the average time you take your eyes off the road to text, so I imagine it takes a little longer to find The Wall on Spotify. These distractions are the result of 58% of 1,700 teen drivers moderate to severe crashes, in a recent study.

Add in another teenager to the mix, and the liability only continues to climb.

Did you know that RLI offers youthful driver coverage on their Personal Umbrella product?

Accepting up to 4 youthful drivers per policy, with the allowance of 1 incident per youthful driver; RLI offers up to 5 million limits with the option of 1 million UM/UIM with their A+ rated personal umbrella policy with affordable premiums!

Let your clients focus on those kids, knowing you have them covered properly with a personal umbrella in the event of an event! We all know a minor situation can become major the closer we get to their limit’s extent, so why not have an umbrella to help weather the storm.

*Only limits of 1 million are available in the event of any response falling within “PUP Special” risk column on application*

Reach out for more information today, and while we can’t make our clients accept the coverage, we can offer it and get the sign off on the accept/decline form from them to prevent an E&O claim in the event of something happening, even after our sound advice.

Brand new to RLI? Write your 1st policy by December 31st and be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Already writing business with RLI but still want your chance to win? Each quarter we will be providing a $10 gift card to the agency that has written the most new business policies for that quarter!

*For any risks effective 7/1/2023 be sure to utilize the new application form PUP276 (07/23)*

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