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Recruit & Retain Talent For Your Agency

People are at the heart of your business. Finding the right talent is critical to your agency’s success and we can help you find your “A-Team”. Created by IIABA, Big “I” Hires is a one-stop resource designed to help independent agents recruit and retain qualified talent. Through Big “I” Hires, you can lean on Ideal Traits, a robust recruiting platform developed to help you post jobs, receive candidates, and assess skills.

DIY Hiring Toolkit

We’ve partnered with Big “I” to offer this comprehensive guide to recruit, screen, hire and on-board your next great employee. This toolkit covers everything, from hiring preparation, screening, on-boarding and explanation of use.

Agents’ Guide to Internships

Customize this comprehensive internship schedule for your agency to ensure your interns learn every aspect of your business.


WAHVE Hiring Resource

The WAHVE program pairs agencies with experienced work-from-home industry leaders, helping you find highly qualified, experienced insurance professionals to meet your agency’s hiring needs. See how it’s helped OIA members and contact Jodie Shaw at (614) 552-3036 with questions.

Employee Profiling

Take the guesswork out of hiring decisions with employee assessments that help you find the right person for your agency’s culture.

Employee Benefits

The Big “I” Group Term Life insurance program not only provides coverage for final expenses but can also help with a variety of other family needs.

Sample Employee Handbook

Our sample employment policy handbook contains template policies that can be customized and used in your agency.

Sample Non-Compete

Our sample non-piracy agreement can be customized to help protect your agency from losing clients if a staff member leaves.

HR Courses & Schedules

If you have less than 12 months experience and do not have your insurance license, this course is for you.


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