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OIA is dedicated to promoting independent insurance agents. While our devotion is robust, it is not nearly comparable to the commitment that independent insurance agents have for their clients.

To an independent agent, clients are not merely a source of income. They are personally invested in the lives of the people who have placed their trust in them.

Reichley Insurance are experts when it comes to the expectations listed above. In fact, they go above and beyond for their clients.

They work tirelessly to make sure they are not only meeting their clients’ expectations, but exceeding them. These are the guidelines that P.A. "Perk” Reichley set for his business in 1946 and Dow “Perk” Reichley continues to exhibit three generations later.

Pat Davis' story is a powerful example of Reichley Insurance’s dedication to "going above and beyond" for his clients.

A tornado tore through Pat's property causing extensive damage to her barn where she kept her prized thoroughbred horses; creating a potentially devastating economic situation.

Fortunately, the horses survived the tornado unscathed but debris lay scattered over the fields and the historic barn suffered extensive damage, rendering the roof useless and in desperate need of repairs.

Perk reassured Pat that the insurance claims process would be handled with speed and care. Not only did Reichley Insurance help Pat through the entire process, but Perk provided firsthand assistance through the entire restoration process. 

“We stopped being an insurance agency as soon as she called. We started to be friends and neighbors.” perk Reichley 

He also called the “Miami Valley Disaster Recovery Team," which sent out 10 volunteers who dedicated their time to help pick up the debris.

Pat’s home was also without electricity and water so Perk rented an RV so she could stay on her property with her horses.

Complicating an already stressful situation, a series of severe thunderstorms occurred shortly after the tornado, causing more damage to her roof, allowing water to pour in.

Pat called Perk immediately who showed up the next day with a hammer and ladder to take care of the matter personally. 

“Now what insurance agent would go the extra mile to do that?” Pat Davis says.

While restoration of Pat’s property was difficult and extensive, it was a heartwarming and humbling process for both Reichley Insurance and the local community.

Watch the video below to view the whole story and witness the value of having an independent agent on your side.


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