Making a list … and checking it twice…

… and then maybe a third time just for good measure!

Grocery lists. To do lists. Gift lists. Birthday lists. Maintenance lists. Lists for your lists.

Lists are incredibly helpful tools. They help us remember why the heck we walked into Target in the first place and what family member’s birthday is coming up next. They help us stay on task during the workday and remind us where we have to be and when.

I think it’s safe to say that without lists, a lot of us would be lost. Multitasking is hard and some would argue even largely impossible.

… and yet insurance agents especially are in a perpetual state of multitasking! You probably have a list somewhere on your desk right now as you read this!

So why is it that we use lists in all other aspects of our lives, but often not in one of the most important areas: our agencies?! There are so many exposures that your personal lines and commercial lines clients face. Don’t try to wing this!

If you’re sitting there breaking out in a cold sweat because you don’t have a formalized list process – have no fear.

We have coverage checklists that can help you stay on track when reviewing policies, exposures, quotes and evaluating the insurance needs of your clients.

At one time we considered coverage checklists a tool for training new employees however, we now understand that they are valuable tool in the risk management arsenal.  Some of the most common E&O claims are failure to procure the coverage requested, failing to recommend coverage, failure to identify exposures and not adequately explaining policy provisions.  Comprehensive coverage checklists that are used consistently by everyone can provide you with written documentation as defense against those allegations.


Checklists Generate Additional Revenue

Not only do they help you evaluate the insurance needs of your client, but they also help you increase revenue by facilitating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

So much can change in one year. Think about where you were in your life a year ago and how much has changed. It’s the same for your clients!  Checklists remind us to ask what events might have led to a change in their insurance needs since their last renewal.


Showcase Your Professionalism

Coverage checklists provide you with an opportunity to display your professionalism, sell more insurance and protect your agency by periodically communicating to your client’s what is covered and what is not.

Don’t forget – documentation is one of the key defenses in an E&O allegation. Once you complete the review of the coverage checklist with your client have them sign off on the checklist highlighting the coverage changes or rejections.

Don’t be afraid to customize our template checklists to fit the specific needs of your agency. Consistency is key. Be sure everyone is using the same checklists and that you have a procedure around when and how often your clients are reviewed.




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