HR Solutions: Best Practices for Progressive Discipline and Terminations

Conversations around performance and termination can be some of the most challenging conversations you need to have as an agency owner or people leader. The goal of progressive discipline is to communicate and correct performance concerns early in the process and make clear the consequences if performance does not improve.

Leaders who are effective at using progressive discipline often find it makes the final termination discussion easier. A good process will help the employee to improve or come to the realization the role is not the best fit for them. They will realize they will be happier and more successful in a different role. The best outcome could be a resignation or mutual agreement to part ways on good terms.

Documentation is also a critical part of progressive discipline to defend against litigation and unemployment claims.

Following these links for a best practice guide and a sample progressive discipline form:

If you have questions about the progressive discipline process you can contact Brian Lawrence, Director of HR Solutions at This is a free service as part of your membership.

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