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Spring has almost sprung. If you are like everyone else in Ohio – you are probably rolling your eyes at that statement. 75 degree weekends are met with a spattering of snow three days later, just to be told that you need to get those shovels back out to prepare for 1-3 inches before the next 70 degree weekend!

However, with “spring” on the brain, so are all the many fun activities that it brings! Birthday parties. Cook-outs. Evenings spent around the fire while the kids jump on the trampoline. Teens have been cooped up all winter and can finally hit that dry pavement with that new permit!  You might even be opening up the camper at the campground and knocking the dust off your golf cart for the first time in months! That all sounds amazing. Birds chirping, kids laughing and who doesn’t love a cold beer on a warm spring night!

But, are you protected in the case of an accident? 

Neighbor kid falls off your trampoline and breaks his arm. That cook-out results in a trip and fall disaster when a friend has had one too many of those cold beers. Worse, that new driver has an accident or your gentle and loving dog bites a child.

Won’t happen to you though, right? But it can… and are you prepared for the cost that it could incur?

That is EXACTLY why you need a stand-alone personal umbrella. 

RLI, rated A+ by AM Best, offers their personal umbrella coverage so your customers can protect their hard-earned assets and future earnings. Getting a quote is easy and coverage is very affordable, and just offering it to your clients protects you from a failure to offer E&O claim!

Contact Alexandra DeVictor today to get started on a quote – or head over to the easy to use online portal for a self-serve method of quoting! Also, feel free to use this flyer to convince your customers why they need an RLI Personal Umbrella Policy!

Don’t let one bad day ruin the rest of the year!

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