2022 Outstanding CSR of the Year Award

Do you know (or are you) an outstanding CSR? Read below how you can win both recognition in the industry AND some cold hard cash!

Let me tell you about the award.

The competition started in 1991 to honor customer service reps and account managers who have made significant contributions to the insurance and risk management industry.

The competition is sponsored by the Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives (better known as CISR) and the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) – proud member organizations of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

Competition Deadline is May 1st!

Nominees must submit a completed entry form along with essay & letters of recommendation to OIA by May 1st. Read on for more details. Or click here for a printable PDF with FAQs.

Who can enter?

Anyone, regardless of affiliation or professional designation, whose primary duties center on insurance customer services, is eligible to enter. A CIC or CISR designation is NOT required; however, it’s recommended that candidates have a minimum of two years of industry experience and enough experience to share through their essay.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can make a nomination. You can even nominate yourself! Simply fill out and submit the Nomination Form. Once you have nominated someone, encourage them to write their essay and submit their entry. Did you say essay? Read the next section about what nominees must do.

After you're nominated...

Submit a completed Entry Form that includes references, education/contribution/achievement information.

Submit at least two letters of recommendation from business/professional references.

Write a 500 to 1000 word essay on the following topic: Transferable Skills are learned from experience which includes prior careers, education, volunteer work or personal encounters. What are the top three skills you transferred from outside the insurance industry to your current job role? Discuss how you leverage your skills, continue to develop and evolve them, and how you transfer your expertise to the others to ensure perpetually exceptional customer service. 

Let’s talk about what you can win.

State Winners

National Recognition
Advancement to National Competition
Framed Certificate
Attend OIA’s Annual Award Dinner

National Finalists

$500 Cash Award
National Recognition
Gold and Garnet Pin

National Award Winner

$2000 Cash Award
National Recognition
Gold and Diamond Pin

Can’t forget about the nominator!

The person who nominates the National Award Winner will also receive a $1000 cash prize.

Our very own Ash Fitz was the 2018 National Outstanding CSR of the Year Award winner. She is here to help!

You can contact her via email at ashley@ohioinsuranceagents.com or by giving her a ring at 800-555-1742.

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