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Big “I” Alliance RPG E&O Program

Protect Your Agency with E&O Insurance

As a member of The Agency Collective you have access to the exclusive Group E&O Program through the Big “I” Professional Liability & Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. This program provides support and resources to Independent Insurance Agents! Swiss Re is the #1 writer of Insurance Agents’ E&O and have had a partnership with the Big I for over 35 years. The policy form is Claims Made and is a loss only deductible type.

You will not be sharing any limits with other members who participate in the program and can earn up to 15% off your premium with a Risk Management credit! The Big “I” offers valuable resources to its members including a monthly newsletter dedicated to E&O, webinars created to assist agencies with navigation of new “hot issues” and plenty more!

Webinar – The Agency Collective Group E&O Program

This webinar provides additional information about the group E&O program offered by OIA, The Big “I” and Swiss Re. In this webinar we discuss the importance of agency valuations and how they can benefit agency owners and provide more insight into the group E&O program and what it offers to The AC members.

Meet the team.

Marianna Wilson, CPCU, RPLU, CIC, CRM, ARM, AIC
Big I Advantage
Director, Professional Liability National Accounts
Jodie Shaw, CLCS, CPIA, TRA
Sales Team
Director of Business Development
Ashley Riley, API, PLCS
E&O Team
Director of Risk Management

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