Education – It Matters

For 123 years OIA has been the champion of the independent agent through advocacy, education and as the agent’s agent. We believe education works hand in hand with our advocacy efforts and our ability to assist independent agents build a pathway to success.

As your advocate, we educate legislators on the impact rules and regulations have on the insurance industry. As your education provider we provide programs that build upon the insurance knowledge needed for agents to build a successful career.

As a trusted advisor to your clients you have a big responsibility to protect their assets by providing the best coverage that will respond when they have a financially impactful life event. Educating yourself through the designation and continuing education programs provided by OIA gives you the confidence to know that you are invested in being the best agent that you can for your clients. As the agent’s agent we are invested in you as well. 

OIA staff holds several designations including CIC, CISR, CWCC, PRIS, CPCU and CPIA to name a few. We want you to have confidence in us that we are always learning and building upon our foundation to protect your assets, to continue to promote and progress your business because it matters. 

Education is the cornerstone for risk management and mitigating your exposure to E&O claims.  Our carrier partners provide discounts on your E&O premiums for designation programs and E&O specific risk management courses because it matters. Empowering our agents with the tools to understand how to control their total cost of risk is one of the major benefits of doing business with OIA for your E&O needs.  


There are several options in the marketplace for your education and E&O needs however, when you are considering placing your trust and your agency’s well-being with another organization you should consider what are they doing for you outside of collecting insurance premium.


Are they advocating on your behalf? Are they investing in the education programs that will make you a better agent and subsequently grow your business? Are they investing in E&O professionals who have dedicated the time to educate themselves on the products that insure your business’ vitality? Are they partnered with insurance carriers who have been in the marketplace for 50 years with stability in pricing, coverage, and resources?


OIA does all of this for you. It Matters.  


Education Matters.

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