It’s More Than Just A P&C License, It’s The Beginning Of An Insurance Career

One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard from an independent agent is, “it’s easy to get a P&C agent’s license, but it is incredibly difficult to be a successful agent.” Those words are so true and it is why OIA takes a different approach to our pre-licensing course.

When you invest in hiring new staff, you want more than the state minimum requirements.  An insurance agent’s license doesn't just allow someone to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance. We know you want to get your new staff on the best trajectory to become an insurance professional who is investing in a career.

We do more than just educate around passing the licensing exam. We set your employees up for success to pass the exam and for success in your agency. When they leave our program, they will have a passion and energy for your agency. We put them on a career path of enhancing and building their knowledge, networking with other insurance professionals and resources to answer their questions. They will also learn about the insurance industry, the independent agency system and the passion for why the independent agency system is the right model for insurance consumers.

Our differentiator is our mission, values and passion for your agency and the IA system. No other program possesses these traits.

Our instructors live and breathe the independent agency system every day. We know coverages, laws, regulations, policies and case studies that will further educate your team. With OIA’s instructors you are giving your new staff access to future mentors for their insurance career, a professional development plan and a lifetime of resources for their success by developing relationships with our instructors.

We know there are many ways in which you can get an insurance agent's license in the state of Ohio as the process has been commoditized just like auto insurance. However we value your new employee's experience the same way you value your client's experience. We strongly believe the best way you can start your new team member’s risk management career with your agency is to start with this program.

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