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For over 120 years OIA has been an advocate to promote the stability of the insurance marketplace in Ohio. Stability is the cornerstone of the financial security our industry provides not only to our local economy but globally. Protecting the livelihood of our members is our highest responsibility at OIA and we know as a trusted advisor to our members we offer the peace of mind that allows you to focus on providing that same stability to your clients because IT MATTERS. 

The stability OIA offers is backed by our exclusive relationships with insurance companies who provide the focused expertise, knowledge, sophistication and longevity in the market to create programs that will not jeopardize your insurance coverage or put your contracts with your appointed carriers in danger. Our long-term partnerships have afforded our members pricing stability.

Other carriers come into our marketplace offering too good to be true discounts to entice you into moving your business but raise their rates and year or two later.  OIA’s insurance carriers are stable, financially strong and committed to protecting your agency for the long-term. This long-term commitment is based in the historical information our carriers have gather in the decades of working with our members. Rates are based on actuarial historical loss information and the ability to forecast due to the focused expertise.

OIA is not partnered with insurance companies who provide random discounts that essentially offer blind rates that can quickly turn thus endangering the stability of your insurance program.  Once the loss ratio of the group is unprofitable the insurance carrier will either raise the rates or decide to cancel the program risking the protection of your agency.

OIA’s exclusive programs have stood the test of time and provided stability for decades because IT MATTERS.



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