Access to Telephone Numbers on Crash Reports to be Restored March 24th

Agents and insurers will once again be able to access telephone numbers on motor vehicle crash reports soon. While historically this information was available, language added in the last state budget to prevent the disclosure of private information of victims of car crashes had an unintended consequence of preventing insurance companies and agents from having access to information needed on crash reports to help with claims. While the change in the budget did cut down on the solicitations crash victims receive from chiropractors and trial lawyers, it created a problem for the insurance industry.

To remedy this, a fix was added to Senate Bill 284 late last year to specifically allow insurers and insurance agents access to telephone numbers on motor vehicle crash reports. S.B. 284 takes effect on March 24th. OIA would like to thank our members for bringing this issue to our attention.

Questions? Contact OIA’s Government Affairs Manager Carolyn Mangas.

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