Congratulations to OIA Staff Members

We have experienced a lot of changes at the OIA over the last couple of months, but the great thing that has come out of all of the changes is the promotions of a few of our staff members.

Starting with Ashley Riley, API, PLCS who was promoted from our E&O Manager to the Director of Risk Management. Ashley has been with us for over two years and has really grown into the position. She leads the largest team at the OIA and continues to enrich our culture.

Jodie Shaw, CLCS, CPIA was promoted to OIA’s Director of Business Development. Jodie has been with the OIA for over 7 years and has truly become a trusted advisor to our independent insurance agents both within the state of Ohio and nationally. She is driven to connect with as many agents as possible to deliver meaningful resources and brainstorm on future options to excel in the industry.

Craig Niess, MBA, CVA, was promoted to Director of Business Planning & Valuation. Craig is a seasoned financial and operational consultant with over 250 valuations and perpetuation planning engagements conducted. He has been with the OIA for over 4 years and prior to that served at MarshBerry, one of the leading valuation firms in the country.

Braxton Mullet was promoted from Marketing Coordinator to Marketing & Events Manager, which will expand his experience to managing a small team specifically focused on event coordination and execution. Braxton has been with the team a little over 2 years and during the time has consistently demonstrated his strong ability to problem solve and apply critical thinking to build out reporting and metrics in the Marketing department.

Dustin Mahrt, API joined the OIA nearly 2 years ago as a Membership Coordinator and quickly proved himself with our members and team as a dedicated and driven service leader. He was recently promoted to Membership Manager where he continues to make meaningful connections with our members and delivers exceptional service to everyone he engages with.

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