Basic Skills Training

Whether you’re new to insurance or not, everyone needs time on insurance fundamentals and basic skills training. That’s what these types of classes are about.

It’s always useful to learn the basics of commercial auto coverage, errors, and omissions coverage. Maybe you may need to learn how to read a policy, so your clients know what is covered and what isn’t. There are classes for that! You’ll also be able to understand why the underwriters ask so many questions about buildings and necessary information to finalize a quote.

In our ever changing, fast-paced world, the question isn’t if life will throw us curveballs, but when—and are we adequately protected. How well-prepared are you for life’s unpredictable moments? These training programs and classes identify and provide clarity, empowering you to make better-informed decisions and the protection that best suits your needs. These classes will help you if you’re looking for education that cover the following.

Courses Cover:

  • Beyond the Basics: Niche insurance types and discovering options ensure that unforeseen events cover your life and business.
  • Insurance Fundamentals: The principles of insurance functions—from the policy selections, crucial claims moments, and the payout.
  • Demystifying the Fine Print: Gain insights into the sections of the insurance policies, understand who exactly is covered, the terms, conditions, exceptions, and policy inception to claims submission.
  • Policy & Coverage Review: Review insurance types, from life insurance ensuring financial security to health insurance safeguarding your well-being. Auto insurance that protects you in your commutes and travels.
  • Financial Strategy: In today’s financial climate, fortify your economic stability. Learn how the right Insurance can provide peace of mind in your financial planning.
  • Practical Real-World Events: Case studies and examples help you internalize concepts and strategies for the impact of insurance decisions.

When the unexpected happens, do you have a plan for handling the situation? Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do if a disaster occurs. Accidents can and do happen! One of the most important financial decisions is to purchase insurance coverage. People must examine their unique circumstances and decide which insurance best suits their needs.

People work hard to juggle work, family and keep a roof over their heads. So, ensuring some of life’s most essential things makes sense. Insurance exists to protect people from risks. There are pros and cons when purchasing insurance. Insurance will protect you, your family, and your possessions. No matter your income or where you live, no one is immune from risk. Understanding these nuance’s, training, education and skills will prepare you for those discussions. The invaluable insights and strategies you gain in taking insurance classes provide individuals and businesses with insurance protection for their needs.

If you run an insurance agency, you need to know about various policy types available to businesses and individuals as many large and small companies will depend on your expertise when reviewing a policy. Here are some online insurance training courses to familiarize yourself with and the different types of educational classes and webinar options available.

Let’s take a look at some Insurance Basic Business Skills & Training Courses.

The Institutes

The institutes provides educational support, resources, and leading research to help those in risk management and insurance better serve the public. It will teach you how to manage risk when deciding which companies to insure and what type of coverage to offer a customer.

International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)

The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)’s primary goal has always been to help people do a better job of managing risk by giving them reliable, practical knowledge they need to improve the way they do business.

Kaplan Financial

Kaplan Financial makes it possible for students to take pre-licensing courses that are tailored to the laws in their state.


For those interested in continuing education opportunities, the general insurance courses & securities courses provided by ExamFX offer relevant and up-to-date study material.


Most people know that FEMA is one of the first agencies on the ground after a natural disaster strikes. Disasters & Assistance Guides and resources are available along with materials.

The Big “I” Virtual University 

The Big “I” Virtual University has some great on-demand webinars covering a wide range of topics, all ready for immediate download.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

Property & Casualty Insurance Classes & Training Courses

With a license, you can sell business, home, and auto insurance policies in most states. These classes provide knowledge of the product that you are selling and offers a detailed and comprehensive look at the property & casualty insurance industry and what you need to know to get your license. The knowledge and skills you develop in any one of our courses or designation programs can be put to use immediately and make your career soar.

Be sure to check out the OIA Professional Development online Learning Portal, as they have a large cache of articles, courses and basic skills trainings. There are also medium to advanced knowledge courses too! Whether you want to get an insurance license or know more about the products on the market, the Ohio Insurance Agents Association is a great place to get an education. You can study material on your time and at your own pace, which may help you get more from your scholarly efforts. Most courses offer student or customer support, meaning you have someone to answer your questions by phone or email! If you would like to hold an in-house CE class for your staff, or a customized class, they have you covered!

Reach out to Ashley Fitzsimmons Director of Professional Development | 614-552-3043 or Joshua Moore Professional Development Coordinator | 614-552-3049 and learn more of what they offer in education & professional development courses.

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