Embracing the Season: Craft Shows, Homemade Christmas, and Ensuring Your Clients’ Fall Event Coverage

It’s that time of year where the farmers markets are dwindling and we are finding ourselves stocking up on our favorite raspberry jalapeño jam to make it through the fall and winter. However, this means we get to enjoy our next season of goodies… CRAFT SHOWS!

One of my favorite traditions with my kids is what we call “Homemade Christmas”, and it starts right as our outdoor farmers markets start to close so talk about perfect timing!

Every year we hit all of our local craft shows and bazaars in search of the perfect gift for all the grandparents and the kid’s friends. We dabble in some of our own crafts also, but there is just something about the rows of vendors, all the huge gorgeous wreaths, handmade ornaments and how in the world do they make an ENTIRE school gymnasium smell like cinnamon?!

We leave with bags full of goodies from handmade washcloths, earrings, wreaths, bird houses and even tea! The amount of time and energy these talented artists put into their products is so awe-inspiring.

Which makes NOW the perfect time to make sure your clients have the right coverage they need for any fall-time events!

RLI offers A+ rated Home Business Insurance that provides business liability and business personal property coverage for more than 140 business classes. This coverage satisfies most event or show liability requirements with liability limits up to $1 million, business property protection up to $100,000 (with $250 deductible) and valuable coverage at affordable rates. They even have drone coverage for your photographers (state restrictions apply)!

Make sure your clients are covered for the worst day, while planning for the best year.

Reach out for more information today, and while we can’t make our clients accept the coverage, we can offer it and get the sign off on the accept/decline form from them to prevent an E&O claim in the event of something happening, even after our sound advice.

*Honey products are excluded*

Policies are underwritten by RLI Insurance Company *Premiums start at $150 for $300,000 liability and $5,000 business personal property in the lowest rated class in the lowest rated territory. Actual price may be higher depending on your individual characteristics and coverages that you select. Not all businesses will qualify for coverage.

Brand new to RLI? Write your 1st policy by December 31st and be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Already writing business with RLI but still want your chance to win? Each quarter we will be providing a $10 gift card to the agency that has written the most new business policies for that quarter!

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