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OIA Mission & Brand Promise

Check out this video to learn more about OIA’s purpose and guiding principles, and why independent insurance agents are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Brand Philosophy

We promoteprogress and protect the professional advice and guidance only independent insurance agents provide.


We are your champions. We’re elevating the importance of insurance and championing the personal and professional advice and guidance only independent agents provide. Together, we’re fighting the commoditization of insurance because we believe that peace of mind is only possible with the right protection.


We are ensuring your growth. We offer independent insurance agents access to the best resources, tools and training. As industry thought leaders and innovators, we are committed to helping independent agents continually reinvent new ways to deliver the promise of peace of mind and protection.


We’ve got your back. Whether we’re helping you find the right protection for your agency or advocating on your behalf, we’re focused on protecting independent insurance agents so you can focus on protecting your clients and communities

Our Brand Character

These guiding principles define who we are:


We listen before we speak. Understanding is the foundation of all our partnerships.


We say what we mean, and mean what we say. Above all, we always have our members’ and consumers’ best interests in mind.


We live our beliefs out loud. Our actions are driven by what we believe.


We embrace change. We ask new questions and seek new answers – for our membership and ourselves.

OIA Logos

Click on the images below to download Ohio Insurance Agents and Trusted Choice logos. Looking for high-resolution logos? Contact us.

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