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E-signature graphicWant to implement e-signature in your agency but don't know where to start? Access these free guides and resources from the Agents Council for Technology (ACT), available through your OIA membership!

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ACT E-Signature Benefits Guide

This e-signature benefits guide is meant to provide consistent selling points inside the agency — and to customers — on the benefits of using e-signature products as part of an agency workflow.

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ACT E-Signature Training & Troubleshooting Guide

This e-signature training and troubleshooting guide is intended as a resource for agencies in choosing, implementing, and developing their e-signature workflow. It contains guidance on background in selecting your solution, as well as workflow insights, and additional background resources.

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ACT E-Signature Workflow Guide

This e-signature workflow guide provides clear visual insights on the significantly reduced workflow impacts of using e-signature to provide fast, efficient service to clients.

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IA Carriers accepting E-signatures

Compiled by the ACT e-signature Work Group, these are known carriers who have publicly indicated they will accept e-signature from agents & brokers who are using legally-compliant vendor solutions.

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E-Signature Agent & Broker Resources

In this part of ACT's e-signature series, ACT offers a summary of resources and considerations for agents and brokers to assist in making strategic decisions.

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E-Signature Vendor Resources

In this part of ACT's series on e-signature, ACT provides an overview of some of the vendor integrations that have emerged. Also provided are a number of vendor and industry resources for more background in planning an effective e-signature strategy.

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E-Signature for Carriers

In this part of ACT's e-signature series, ACT details some of the industry traction and opportunities for carrier partners.

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Guidelines for E-Signature & e-Delivery of Documents

This post reviews "Guidelines for e-Signature and e-Delivery in the Insurance Business," produced by the law firm Locke Lord and commissioned by ACORD. In addition to linking to the full guidelines, this post discusses key findings and implications of this report from the perspective of independent agencies.

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