115 Ohio House and Senate Seats up for Election

The entire Ohio House of Representatives and half of the Ohio Senate are up for election on November 8. That’s 115 seats! Presumably, this means control of the Ohio General Assembly is at stake. However, with the Republicans’ sizable majority and financial advantage, things will likely remain the same.

Republicans currently have supermajorities in the Ohio House of Representatives with a 61-38 margin and the Ohio Senate by 24-9. It goes without saying that this election year has been extraordinarily volatile, with polling at the top of the ticket experiencing swings on weekly basis. As a result, many state legislative races here in Ohio remain “in play” and will so until Election Day. From the Presidential contest on down, this will truly be an election that depends on turnout and which side has the most enthusiasm and the ability to mobilize their supporters to the polls. At this point, many political analysts are predicting that the GOP in the Ohio House may lose a handful of seats, while maintaining their strong majority, and that the partisan breakdown in the Senate is, at a minimum, likely to remain constant, with the GOP solidly in control heading into next year.

OIA does not make endorsements in these races, but OIA PAC has contributed to several incumbents and candidates for the legislature. Check the list of OIA PAC contributions for the 2020 election cycle. Please contact Jeff Smith or Carolyn Mangas for insight on your local legislative race.

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