Talking points for special event cancellations

In this time of uncertainty, having knowledge & compassion will go a long way with the relationship between you and your client. Here are some helpful tips for those clients that have purchased Special Event Insurance and may be affected by cancellations of these events:  

  • Read the policy language. Every policy is different. Prepare yourself by reading the policy language and specific exclusions on the Special Event Policies that you have issued. In addition, contact your Underwriters for clarification on the exclusions to ensure you have a thorough understanding and will be able to communicate it back to your clients.  
  • Be proactive. Reach out to those clients that have a current Special Event Policy in force that may be affected by cancellations. Keep the lines of communication open. Remember, as agents, we deal with coverages and exclusions every day. Clients don’t.  

Stay tuned for more tips from OIA. We’re here for you – so you can be the best for your clients.  

For specific questions about Event Coverage, please contact Ashley Fitzsimmons at or (614) 552-3043



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