The Ultimate Holiday Movie Face-Off

With the holiday season basically upon us (thanks to COVID, our family has been celebrating a new holiday Thanksmas since Halloween), our team is wanting to answer a lingering question: What is the greatest holiday movie of all time?

I have done the due diligence of extensive research, which basically included me asking the staff during a recent meeting, what’s your all-time favorite holiday movie, and narrowed it down to the sweet sixteen! Now, it’s up to you to make the ultimate decision! Each week, you’ll have a couple of chances to vote on the holiday movie face-off until we reach the all-time favorite!

Download your bracket to  get started

Before we get started, make sure to download your 2020 Ultimate Holiday Movie Face-Off here.

Now let’s answer any questions that you may have.

How does this work?

This is basically going to work like March Madness, however we’re starting at 16 and the obvious – it’s for holiday movies, and no one has to be sent to Disney to live in a physical bubble! Sixteen movies, competing head-to-to head, 1 champion!!

How do I participate?

Voting starts NOW! Link here to vote. Each match up will be a head-to-head vote – winning movie after each round of voting moves on to the next round. I encourage your participation, particularly if you feel as strongly as I do that, Elf is the best holiday movie ever made!

What’s the prize for the winning movie?


What do I get out of it?

See answer in the above question – just kidding, there are a few things you will get out of this:

  1. The opportunity for festive trash talking
  2. The answer to the world’s burning question – what is the best holiday movie of all time according to the OIA
  3. Complete your own bracket, 100% correctly, and I’ll bake you cookies. Again, kidding! With COVID you shouldn’t touch or eat anything that isn’t created in your own, personal bubble! Maybe next year!

Let the voting and festive trash talking commence! 



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