Advocacy – It Matters

An advocate is defined as “a person or organization that publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.” This describes what the OIA is for Ohio independent agents.

OIA is your advocate. Since 1897 OIA has been the lone and leading advocate for Ohio independent insurance agencies. We are your advocate in the legislative, regulatory, legal, political, carrier and public arena.

We have changed state laws, rules and regulations. We’ve made licensing, continuing education and compliance requirements fair and reasonable for agents to do business.

We have tirelessly advocated for a level playing field for independent agents with every new entrant into the insurance marketplace. When it was the bank and auto dealers, OIA was advocating for you. As direct writers and insurtechs have entered the marketplace, OIA is advocating for you. We have filed complaints with the Department of Insurance, taken legal action and waged media campaigns against unfair competition.

We have successfully advocated for changes to state law, argued before the Ohio Supreme Court and testified countless times before the Legislature. We helped change the philosophical complexion of the judicial system when activist judges were creating an unpredictable legal environment threatening the stability of your agency and E&O coverage.

The OIA is the collective strength of Ohio independent agents coming together to create a healthy environment for you to compete, advise your clients and grow your business. We advocate for you, your family, team and agency. We advocate for your profession, clients and a healthy insurance economy.

Going to an out of state broker or fly by night E&O operation may sound good in the sales pitch but when you need the benefits of your policy, it is at that time when advocacy, relationships, expertise, local, carriers, coverage and experience matters.

When you have a question, a claim or decision that impacts your agency and your professional liability, you want an advocate that is focused on your best interests in your corner. OIA is your advocate.

Advocacy Matters.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your E&O coverage, please reach out to Ashley Riley at (614) 552-3052 or

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