Columbus Riots. Hitting close to home (literally).

Corona Virus.

Murder hornets.

2020 has sure thrown a lot of curve balls at us.

But last night, 2020 didn’t just hit close to home with another curve ball: it actually HIT my home.

My apartment building, along with many other businesses in downtown Columbus were unfortunately vandalized from the riot and civil commotion last night.

Glass was shattered. My apartment building was entered.

Store fronts on High Street were broken into. Their contents stolen and thrown all over the street.

In fact, the building that houses our very own OIA headquarters was damaged. Including many individually owned restaurants that our OIA team frequents.

So many businesses and individuals have been extremely impacted by COVID-19. Just when they start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin opening back up, their business sustains another hit.

Much more than just physical impact was had here, though.

Feelings of safety and security: shattered.

Feelings of hope: shattered.

I have emphasized this many times over the last few months on webinars, on social, in emails: you need to show up for your clients.

Now, more than ever, your clients need you.

For more than just coverage.

They need a friend. Someone who cares. Someone to listen.

Fortunately, Riot and Civil Commotion Coverage is often included in most homeowners, comprehensive auto and business insurance policies. I think many conversations around these particular claims will go much different than the conversations around Loss of Business Income due to COVID-19.

While you’re going to want to review the specific policy language for each affected account (and consult with your underwriter as not to determine coverage as the agent), these are things that are typically covered by Riot and Civil Commotion Coverage:

Property damage to a home: both the structure and personal property.

Vehicle Damage: provided the client has opted to carry comprehensive on their affected vehicle.

Property damage to your business: both the structure and contents.

Loss of Income: in the event the business must remain closed while the necessary repairs are made.

For many of us, riots, while on the rise in the US, are not something we anticipate ever experiencing.

Protests are now commonplace and, as we’ve seen so recently, can quickly turn into destructive riots.

We must contemplate and prepare for emerging risks to ensure the wellbeing of our personal and business lives.

This further heightens the need for businesses to consult with a professional insurance agent on the many unforeseen risks to their businesses that are completely outside of their control.

But coverage or not, put yourself in their shoes.

Take a little extra time with your clients on the phone and ask how they’re feeling.

Caring is going to go a long way, especially during these unprecedented times.

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