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Insurance is designed to financially protect you from the risk of loss and therefore it is important that when faced with a potential loss, you have the right coverage in place. Professional liability policies have unique coverages that differentiate it from other liability insurance placements as its primary function is to respond to allegations of negligence.

OIA has a staff of errors and omissions professionals with a focused expertise only in professional liability insurance who can assist you in understanding the details in coverage. We have the training and experience to provide you with knowledge on how our carrier’s policy forms compare to others in the marketplace. OIA has worked with our carriers to ensure we have the broadest policy forms in the market to provide you with the coverage that will be there when you need it, because IT MATTERS.

As we say with all insurance policies, “the devil is in the details”.  The coverage form you select, the terms and conditions, and the exclusions within the policy contract are crucial in determining how and if your insurance policy will respond to claims of negligence. In the event of a claim, denial is not the time to realize that your policy doesn’t provide the coverage you anticipated.

While price is a factor in this equation, the right coverage is the most crucial piece of protecting your business. It is scary when a client threatens to sue your agency and you are served with a legal demand. OIA invests in professionals who have the knowledge to help you understand your coverage before you need it.  Claims are typically denied due to the exclusions within the policy contract or a failure to comply with reporting guidelines.  COVERAGE MATTERS.

We all know the COVID-19 pandemic will prompt hundreds of lawsuits against insurance agents and carriers. Trial lawyers are beginning to advertise and stoke the flames of hostility toward the insurance industry. Across the country we are beginning to see class action lawsuits filed by various business sectors aimed at insurance carriers and agents.

As a result, we anticipate an influx of errors and omissions claims against independent agents and if you are insured with OIA, we hope you feel better in knowing that you have the decades of experience, expertise, and passion for our industry behind you.



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