Experience – It Matters

Experience means you’ve done something a lot. If you’ve ever played a sport, developed a skill, or learned something new you know that it takes commitment. Experience can only be gained when you commit your time, energy, and resources. OIA made that commitment decades ago to the agents of Ohio who trust us to protect their agencies through our E&O program. 

We understand independent agents and we are committed to the health of our industry. Our experience means we proactively work with legislators to create rules and regulations that protect our agents and your clients. OIA, through our years of experience understands the important role we play in advising our legislators to support regulations that will have a positive impact on our industry and your business. It matters how the courts respond to the coverage disputes and the potential negative impact to agent’s errors and omissions policies. OIA has 123 years of experience as your advocate, IT MATTERS.

The uncertainty of COVID-19 and the potential lawsuits against not only carriers but agents means now more than ever experience in our field is crucial. You want to rest peacefully at night knowing that you have your errors and omissions coverage in the hands of a team that has over 60 years of professional liability experience; we’ve done it a lot!   

We cultivated our experience alongside our carrier partners who have defended and handled claims against insurance agents for decades.  That experience means 50% of claims against agents are dismissed without judgement. This is significant in controlling the cost of your insurance.  Our competitors use third party administrators to facilitate their claims. Often these TPA’s are not dedicated errors and omissions claims experts but generalists in liability claims. Their results may not be as favorable to and consequently loss ratios are higher raising insurance costs.

Experience in claims handling MATTERS.

There is no greater responsibility than protecting your agency from all of the threats, particularly E&O claims. We greatly value our relationship and trust you have placed in us to protect your agency. Thank you for giving us the forum to build that experience, it matters.


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