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OIA knows that expertise matters. Expertise is achieved by focusing on what you do and doing it well. Expertise requires an investment in time to learn the skills necessary to become an expert in your field and industry and OIA has invested the time and resources to become your E&O experts because IT MATTERS.

We are a team of dedicated professional liability professionals. Collectively, OIA has over 60 years of professional liability experience, 12 designations and hundreds of hours of reviewing E&O coverage forms and cases. For decades, OIA has worked on our expertise to provide you with the best resources related to protecting your business.

Your OIA team is led by a staff of agents, who do the same thing you do every day; educate clients and protect their assets. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and provide valuable resources to help the lives of the people who do business with us.

We use our expertise to educate and advise on current coverage issues, provide risk management resources, and develop partnerships with carriers whose expertise is providing agents E&O. Our expertise provides you with the comfort that our deep knowledge of the industry ensures we understand the unique coverage differences related to E&O coverage; IT MATTERS

We are not generalists when it comes to the insurance marketplace, we only focus on professional liability insurance for independent insurance agencies.

Our expertise goes beyond simply placing your E&O insurance, we advocate on your behalf to ensure the sustainability of the insurance industry. We are recognized by state and federal organizations as having the expertise to provide guidance related to legislation that impacts not only agents but also your clients.

Most recently, we have worked on your behalf at the state and federal level on pending COVID-19 legislation on how best to protect the solvency of our industry and your agency from a frivolous E&O claim.

OIA makes one promise to you: we will protect your assets by providing you the best in class E&O risk management guidance, insurance coverage and offering you service and product knowledge that is second to none. Other providers and brokers get in this business to add another revenue stream.

Protecting you and your agency is our primary business and where we have built our expertise, it matters. We have 123 years of standing by this promise and expertise and we will still be building upon it long after others have come and gone.

Expertise Matters.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your E&O coverage, please reach out to Ashley Riley at (614) 552-3052 or

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