Knowledge Matters

How does one gain knowledge? Knowledge helps us shape who we are personally and professionally. Knowledge isn’t stagnant. Knowledge grows over time and experience. OIA’s experience as the champion of the independent agents for the past 123 years is fueled by a passion to gain more knowledge of how we can continue to promote, progress and protect you.

Shared knowledge can unite communities; it brings groups of people together. OIA brings independent agents together who share the knowledge that insurance isn’t a commodity, it’s peace of mind that you are protected. OIA provides that peace of mind to independent agents by protecting their agency so they can focus on their clients. We have your back because it matters.

Knowledge is the base needed to become an expert. You must first begin with a desire to learn and through the years combining this with passion, experience, and training you develop expertise. OIA advances your knowledge through our education programs. We help you on your path to gaining expertise.

OIA staff has spent a collective 80 years growing our knowledge into an expertise. We are the agent’s agent and we are focused on providing you with the best service, coverage, and pricing to protect your agency.

Applying the knowledge gained from OIA’s E&O risk management courses, articles, and webinars to best practices within your operation helps you be the best agent possible. OIA is here to help you with more than just an insurance quote at renewal time. We are here for you every day.

If you are considering getting a quote for E&O from another organization, I would ask what else are they doing for me? Do they have E&O professionals focused solely on E&O or are they handling other lines of coverage? How long has their staff been with the organization? How long have their carriers been insuring agents E&O? Who handles claims?

Arm yourself with knowledge. IT MATTERS.

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