ODI Rescinds Premium Grace Period Bulletin; Replaces with Bulletin Encouraging Insurers to Work with Insureds

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) issued Bulletin 2020-07 on March 30 to require all P&C, life and LTC insurance companies that write business in Ohio to defer premium payments for at least a 60-day period during the duration of Ohio’s state of emergency that began on March 9th. Effective today, this bulletin has been rescinded and replaced with Bulletin 2020-12.

What This Means

The new bulletin issued today by ODI states that the Superintendent encourages insurance companies to provide their insureds with a grace period to pay premiums as well as to provide a grace period as to any policy provision that imposes a time limit on an insured or claimant to perform any act, including the submission of information or funds, with respect to a contract for insurance.

Ultimately, this bulletin removes the requirement that insurers provide insureds with a 60-day grace period that was put in place by Bulletin 2020-07 earlier this year.  Thus, insurers can cancel or non-renew a policy for any lawful reason including nonpayment of premium if arrangements have not been made with the insurer to provide an accommodation such as extending a premium due date. OIA members with clients who need payment accommodations should work with their insurance carriers to establish accommodations to ensure coverage remains in place.

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