Passion – It Matters

What does passion really mean? Passion is a measure of your dedication. In business, passion is a necessary ingredient to success because it will push you to work through all the obstacles in your way to succeed.  When you are passionate you are dedicated to your business. OIA has been passionate about independent agents for the past 123 years as your advocate, your education provider and your agent.

Our passion to promote, protect, and progress the independent agent drives us to seek out partners that will help us overcome obstacles. In the past 123 years, we have become a leader in educating agents so you can progress your business forward. You, as an agent and business owner, are passionate about your agency and we are passionate about it too.  

Passion for the independent agents and protecting your assets is why we focused on building an errors and omissions program.  For decades, OIA has invested in you by investing in the carriers that offer the broad coverage terms, longevity in the marketplace, and stability in pricing. OIA staff is passionate about the coverage we provide and how important it is to the agents who trust us. We have been protecting you for decades and we will be here several decades to come.  

When you support us as a member, as an E&O policyholder, as a participant in education courses, as a political donor, you are supporting the passion we have for you and all independent agents in Ohio. We do not exist to put revenue in the pockets of shareholders, we exist for you. We invest our revenue in your agency and developing services to help independent agents. As a member of OIA, you are the owner and you are a part of our passionate team.  

If you are considering getting a quote for E&O from another organization, I would ask why do they exist? Where does the revenue go from their programs? You should ask how long they have had relationships with their carriers and how long their staff has been dedicated to offering E&O. Where is their passion?  

Passion Matters.

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