Workers’ Comp Group Retro Enrollment Deadline Approaching Fast

There’s still time for your clients to join the 2021 OIA workers’ comp group retro program to experience the benefits of belonging to Ohio’s largest, most stable group rating program.

Group retro is a performance-based program where the group’s claims, incurred for the policy year, are compared to the group’s premiums paid to the BWC. The participants will receive premium rebates as long as the claims incurred for that policy year are lower than the overall premiums paid to the BWC.

OIA’s program has benefits that far exceed helping your clients get their injured workers back to work and saving them money – it helps them navigate the complexity of Ohio’s workers’ compensation system and provides them with an advocate.

The deadline to enroll in group retro for the upcoming July 1, 2021 policy year is January 22.

You can show your value as a trusted advisor by reminding your invited clients of the deadline to participate in this program. Access your list of invited clients at CompManagement’s ViaOne website. If you need assistance logging in, contact Rejeana Woolum-Napier at (614) 359-2403 or via email at

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