Did your Job Opening Get Seen by 800 potential candidates in July?

In July OIA’s marketing efforts created over 80,000 impressions and generated 800 visits to the Job Board through a paid media buy on LinkedIn. We made this investment on behalf of our members to promote the great career opportunities with Independent Agency’s in Ohio. The goal of OIA’s Job Board is to create a centralized place where we can promote and direct candidates to the job openings at our member agencies.  We plan to run another advertising campaign in late September.  If you have a current job opening we encourage you to add your job by September 15. The more job openings we have the more likely we are to pull new people into the industry.

There are two ways to post your job on the board in partnership with IdealTraits:

  1. Create a free account here: https://ohioinsuranceagents.com/hr-solutions/
  2. Create a paid account here: https://www.bigihires.com/recruit/

A paid account allows you to post your job to our job board as well as over 100 different job websites. In addition you have access to unlimited free assessments to help evaluate whether your candidates possess the right skills to be successful in an agency. Data shows that agencies using a paid plan receive ten times more applicants due to the ability to post on multiple job boards.

You can see the Job Board here: https://bigijobs.idealtraits.com/state/Ohio.

If you have any questions, contact Brian Lawrence at brian@ohioinsuranceagents.com.

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