The Trampoline Dilemma

We have a reoccurring thought process in my home with children, if Mom says no – ask Dad, then just tell Alexa to add it to the Amazon list.

For years, we had the same item popping up on our Christmas and Birthday lists – to then be reminded monthly of  “Are you still interested in purchasing ::enter popular name brand:: Trampoline?” via Alexa/Amazon.

It had the net, it had the lights, it had the tie downs and the ladder. It was surely large enough for three kids maybe even plus some, because, friends; What could make a summer sleep over better, if not A TRAMPOLINE!?

As a kid, my insides are screaming YES!!! HOW FUN. As a mom, and frankly – an agent; I am cringing.

In true dad form, the BUY NOW button got pressed with a “forgive me, I can’t help but say yes to them” look.

Then, I started printing off waiver forms for the friends and family members that may come over and jump. Ok, I am kidding. But, I would be lying if the thought didn’t crossed my mind.

According to the AAP, the number of child trampoline-related injuries in a one-year period are about 100,000.

How many of those turn into a medical claim against the trampoline owner? The average run of the mill sprained ankle, probably not. The very possible compound spine fracture, absolutely.

So the real question is: ARE YOUR CLIENTS COVERED? Sure, they have their homeowners and of course they told you they bought the trampoline (I am calling my agent as soon as I am done writing this, I swear) – but what if something tragic happens? Do they have an umbrella to cover the excess?

Well, even if they DON’T have an umbrella – they have YOU!

And, YOU have access to RLI – which has an A+ rated personal umbrella program that can provide them the coverage they need.

Self-underwritten, follow form, easy online quoting process, affordable premiums and limits up to 5 million.

Reach out for more information today, and while we can’t make our clients accept the coverage, we can offer it and get the sign off on the accept/decline form from them to prevent an E&O claim in the event of something happening, even after our sound advice.

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