Mission Matters – Ryan Griffith

Corporate Officer & Secretary/Treasurer

The Griffith Agency


Girard, Ohio

Ryan had no intention of joining the family business after graduating from “The” Ohio State University in 2003. His wife, Jennifer, a Perrysburg native whom Ryan met in college, was not keen on the idea of moving to Girard either. The plan was to remain in the Columbus area or relocate to one of the other larger cities in Ohio. But, in the year Ryan graduated, he found himself in a pivotal moment at the academic advisor’s office – he hadn’t heard back from any of the 12 positions he had applied for. The job market was dismal. “Things were looking bleak.”

The academic advisor’s suggestion took Ryan by surprise: to return to the family business in Girard. Despite their initial reluctance, he and Jennifer decided to give it a shot. They could always change direction if it wasn’t a good fit, right?

Just over twenty years later, Ryan and Jennifer are firmly established in Girard with two sons, Graham, 9, and Henry, 12. Jennifer earned her Master of Education in Literacy and teaches 2nd grade in the Youngstown City School District. Ryan works alongside his older brother and sister at The Griffith Agency – Robert Griffith, President, and Meghan Griffith Ragozzino, Vice President. From the beginning, Ryan eagerly engaged in committee service, went on to earn his CIC designation, and now serves as The Griffith Agency’s Secretary/Treasurer.

Opportunity, Involvement, Advocacy

Ryan’s extensive history of volunteer service started with Big “I” Young Agents, and includes 20 years of work with county associations, both as president and trustee, and eventually led him to OIA after the merger with PIA. He jumped at the opportunity to join the Foundation Board in 2020 and accepted the role of Board President in 2023. For Ryan, the essence of his volunteer work is rooted in staying informed about advocacy within the industry, which he considers crucial. Additionally, his contributions to the Foundation Board have allowed him to focus on the educational aspects of the industry, aligning with his belief in the importance of education as part of his duty to the profession and his community. “Being more educated will never steer you wrong.”

Understanding the Playbook

From golf to poker, Ryan enjoys a game. He even played full-contact intramural hockey at Ohio State’s French Fieldhouse – at midnight on Tuesdays. “It was the only time the ice was available,” he laughed.  When it comes to advice for Next Gen agents, he again leans into the educational aspect. “You have to understand the playbook, know what’s going on – attend IACON, earn your CIC designation. Independent agents need to have more depth of knowledge and more education.”

Family and Legacy

In a small town like Girard, Ohio (pop. 9,000), there isn’t much his clients or potential clients don’t already know about him. They surely sense his deep commitment to his community and to his clients and he says it’s gratifying that when the people of Girard think of insurance, they think of The Griffith Agency, not the insurance carriers themselves. “I am your agent, I am your first contact,” he says.  The agency is a 4th generation, 113-year-old family-owned and operated venture that has weathered tough markets, buyouts, and mergers, a point of pride for the whole Griffith clan. When asked what it’s like working with his brother and sister in the family business, Ryan admits that it blends deeply into their personal lives. “Sometimes, when we start talking shop at the dinner table, the in-laws just get up and leave,” he laughs.

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