2021 Awards Dinner

OIA’s annual Awards Dinner was held on the evening of Tuesday, December 7, 2021. After a hiatus of the prior year due to the pandemic, the room was eager to gather and celebrate the best and brightest of our industry.

The OIA Governance Committee is responsible for nominating candidates, making sure our policies and procedures are in order, and selecting award winners. It is not an easy task for them. Each year, countless award nominations are received in each category. From those nominations, the committee must determine which candidate best fits the criteria for the award. sometimes they determine there are two candidates equally deserving and two awards are given. When you hear why they were chosen, you will be amazed by the things they are doing for the industry, their communities, and our association.

OIA awards recognize independent agents and companies by:

  • Setting them apart from their competitors
  • Positioning them as leaders in Ohio’s insurance industry
  • Instilling pride in our members
  • Spotlighting our members’ capabilities and achievements
  • Reminds members and Ohio communities of OIA members’ commitment to excellence
  • Generates positive media coverage for Ohio independent agents
  • Aspires members and staff

We are privileged to have the honor of recognizing them below:

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