Help Your Clients with Ohio Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp insurance is vital to businesses and employees. Unfortunately, business owners only think about workers’ comp when they have a claim. While workers’ compensation insurance in Ohio is provided through the state, as an OIA member you can offer your clients access to the largest and strongest workers’ compensation group rating program in the state. You have exclusive access to a program that encourages a safe work environment, reduces premium costs for your clients and allows you to earn some revenue through the program.

With OIA’s workers’ compensation group rating program, your commercial clients receive:

  • Superior customer service.
  • Discounts on workers’ comp premiums with access to multiple savings tiers.
  • Diverse benefits that can reduce premiums, such as retro and safety services.

You can reach out to your commercial clients with our easy-to-use marketing resources:

Tip: Include an AC-3 form in your annual renewal process or your new client paperwork!

AC-3 Deadline is October 31st
You can help your Ohio commercial clients receive a quote for group rated workers’ compensation insurance — the deadline to submit AC-3s for your clients is October 31st! Fax completed AC-3s to Sedgwick at (866) 567-9380. Upon eligibility, your clients will receive a no-obligation enrollment packet with estimated savings information.

In addition to helping your clients save money on their premiums, your agency is eligible to receive a quote as well. Simply download this form and return it to Sedgwick by the end of this month in order to be considered for the 2022 plan year.

Interested in learning more about OIA’s program? Contact Carolyn Mangas to find out why more than 600 Ohio insurance agencies trust OIA and Sedgwick to help with their agencies’ and their clients’ workers’ compensation insurance needs.

Already Using OIA’s Workers’ Comp Program?
Great! Make sure you connect to ViaOne, Sedgwick agent portal, to check on the status of the AC-3s you submitted on behalf of your clients and to also check on clients that have been invited to participate in OIA’s workers’ comp group rating program for the 2022 plan year. Your clients that have been invited to participate must enroll by November 18, 2021.

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