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Now that we have a year under our belts with our new virtual course offerings, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get from members. This should help put your mind to ease when it comes to virtual courses and maybe even have you looking forward to taking them!

Do I need a camera or microphone?

Nope! All you’ll need is a way to listen in – whether that’s speakers or headphones. None of the participants will have their cameras on – only the instructor will. Everyone will be muted to cut down on background noise and distractions.

But what if I have a question?

Great question! There will be a chat feature in the course that you can use to ask the instructor questions.

Designation updates. Is there a test?

NOPE! That’s one of the benefits of taking a designation update through OIA. You don’t need to take a test to earn your CE or designation update. The way we audit your attendance is by four random hourly check-ins. You’ll simply have a box pop up on the screen and you just check ‘yes’ to acknowledge you’re there.

Oh no! I missed a check-in!

Trust us, we know technology issues (and sometimes emergency bathroom breaks) happen! If you miss a poll because one of those things happen, you simply have to email Ashley Fitzsimmons at with the poll number that was missed and the reason. She will then notifiy the National Alliance and all will be good! Reasons that will not get approved for a missed poll… answering emails/the phone etc.

Is there an additional cost to get CE?

Nope! What you ‘CE’ is what you get! The price for the CE is built right into the price for our courses.

Working towards earning your designation? Below is all the info you need on how the exam will work.

Of course, you can always reach out to us with any additional questions!

Your exam will be accessed through The National Alliance’s Learning Management System (LMS).  The exam window will open up the following week after the program.  The window will be available from 12:01 am CST that following Monday through 11:59 pm CST on Thursday.   The National Alliance customer support closes at 6pm CST.  Please be advised that anyone testing after 6pm on the last day of the exam window will not have support available.

You will access the online exam via your account at .  Once you log in via The National Alliance website,, you will be taken to your home screen or landing page.  To access your online exam from that home page, please refer to the top right hand portion of the screen where it shows a blue button that says Launch Learning Portal.

Exam Proctoring

All online exams require a proctor. In order for someone to serve as your proctor, they must meet the definition of a disinterested third-party as defined below:

A disinterested third-party is someone with no direct business or family relationship to you. For example, an agency principal, a supervisor, a subordinate, a friend or family member would NOT qualify as a disinterested third party.

Disinterested third-party proctors are available in many locations.  The quickest way to a locate a proctor in your area is to conduct a Google search for “approved proctors near me.”  Some examples of a disinterested third party are: a coworker who exclusively works in a training/HR role or a local proctoring facility/testing center. Many libraries and colleges also offer proctoring services.

The National Alliance allows MonitorEDU as a virtual proctoring option. You can learn more and access their service at at any time.  You do not have to have an appointment.  After you pay the small service fee, you may connect to a proctor on demand.

As a student, you should never launch your exam without a proctor present.  The time will begin and you will lose your exam attempt if your proctor is not present.  For more information and to watch instructional videos, please visit

Submitting your Proctor for Approval

In your account at, you will need to submit your selected Proctor’s information to The National Alliance prior to testing.  The National Alliance will send exam instructions, including an exam access PIN, to your Proctor’s email address.  To submit a Proctor to The National Alliance, you will need to log into your account, navigate to your Course History, and click on the button that says Proctor next to your course.

Accessing the Exam

During the exam window mentioned above, you will access the online exam via your account page.  Your account is your official tracking platform through The National Alliance.  Use the link below to access your account.  If you have not accessed your account before or if you forget your login information, you can request it at this link.

Note:  We suggest that you access your account prior to the exam window opening so you can work out any login issues in advance.  This will avoid any added tension during the exam window.  Please be mindful that you won’t have access to the exam early, you will just verify that you can log in to the learning portal.

 The Exam – Step-By-Step
  1. Visit the website and sign in to your account.  After logging in, you will be taken to your account’s homepage.
  2. Click on Launch Learning Portal  (top right portion of the screen).  You are now entering the Learning Portal.
  3. Click on the Learning Center (orange) box in the middle of the page and locate your current course in your course list.  Click Launch.
  4. Find the exam item in the table of contents and open the exam page and follow the prompts on screen.
  5. Complete the exam!

For urgent exam issues, such as not being able to access your exam, please contact

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