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Protect Your Agency with Cyber Security Insurance

You’re in the business of protecting others, but who’s watching out for you? We are.

Responding to a breach is a complicated process requiring the assistance of many different professionals. Failing to notify your clients “without unreasonable delay” could cost your agency hefty fines plus additional costs to comply with notification laws, legal liability and reputational harm caused by the breach. If handled improperly, this exposure could be devastating to your agency.

Cyber Liability Insurance:

OIA and Arlington/Roe & Co., Inc. have partnered to offer our members an exclusive program to help protect their agencies from information security breaches – and OIA members are pre-qualified for enrollment (some restrictions apply).

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Helpful Cyber Security Resources

Independent insurance agents and brokers must properly collect and protect sensitive client information every day. This means complying with state and federal regulations as well as adhering to customer service best practice standards, and compliance with Data Privacy Laws as mandated in all Agency/Company contracts.

Regulations and Descriptions

Overview of cyber security regulations including Gramm- Leach-Bliley, NAIC, and NY DFS.

Costs and Penalties

What’s the cost of non-compliance? Understand federal, state, and other penalties.

12-Step Compliance Roadmap

Dive into each regulation and find resources from cyber providers and industry experts.

Real-World Breaches

Independent agencies of any size can experience breaches. Read their stories here!

Cybersecurity Provider Listings

Find a detailed analysis of service providers who can help independent agencies comply with cyber regulations. Reviewed and organized by ACT.

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