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R.I.S.E. Report

The R.I.S.E. Report was developed in-house by OIA specifically to help independent agency owners better understand their businesses and build strategies focused on certain areas of their agency.

Agencies across the country will be able to benchmark their performance with the fastest growing in their state, region and similar size. The comparisons will be tailored to each agency to help them make informed business decisions about how to grow their agencies.

Agencies will have access to the following metrics –

  • Staffing capacity
  • Staffing salaries and benefits
  • Carrier mix and influence
  • Product mix
  • Owner and staff generational health

Welcome to the data-driven agency.

Custom Insights

Elevate your agency network with highly customized insights tailored to your agency network’s specific metrics.

OIA offers networks a personalized experience with the R.I.S.E. Report. Your agencies will receive an executive summary that provides high-level insights into your network as a whole. In addition, we can include a Network Insights section, which will benchmark each agency against the rest of the network. This section can be customized to capture and report on metrics important to your specific networks, such as sales velocity, NPS, producer, and service pay structures, employee benefit breakdowns, and more.

Ready to try R.I.S.E. for FREE?

For a limited time only, try our R.I.S.E. Report at no charge to you by simply registering for our annual conference, IACON21. As an agency owner, you will not only receive a comprehensive report that will provide you insights that you can take action on to grow your agency, but you can also participate in IACON’s Agency Owner Track, where we will do a deep dive into these insights so that you can be prepared to take actions upon once you return from the conference. REGISTER NOW and get your special R.I.S.E. access code.

You don’t have to be an OIA member to access the RISE Report, you simply need to be an independent insurance agency principal.

Available to all independent insurance agency principals, you’ll receive a digital copy of your report with your annual purchase ($499/member, $999/non-member).
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