Cultivate the customer experience your clients want

Cultivate the Customer Experience Your Clients Want

What do customers want from their independent insurance agents?  The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) has developed strategies to help you tap into technology, and motivate your team to provide the service today’s insurance consumers want. By creating a process with touchpoints throughout the insurance policy lifecycle, your team will build relationships and your clients will become champions for your agency and help you grow your business.?

Six Steps of the Customer Experience Lifecycle???


Be where your clients and prospects search for insurance

When considering an important purchase, where do consumers research? Online and possibly from a mobile device. That’s why it’s important for your agency to have a mobile-friendly website with lots of great content that emphasizes your experience in the marketplace. Add social media, a robust Trusted Choice® profile, an understanding of SEO and your agency will make the right impression with the right customer.


Create a digital presence reflective of your services and brand

Once a consumer narrows their search how can you leverage your web content to make the decision-making process easy?  Your website is your agency, and the same internal knowledge and expertise a client would get in the office should also be available online. Here are some strategies to help you build content clients want and help them choose your agency.


Invest in technology and processes that make purchasing easy

The consumer finds the right fit for their insurance needs and it’s your agency. Now, they need to be able to easily engage your staff. And, when it’s time to sign on the dotted line, many will look for a simple online application and want to complete the process via mobile-friendly e-signature and EFT payment.


Build a relationship with your clients throughout the year

Let the relationship building continue as you become a trusted resource for valuable information and community support. To do this, it’s important to create an experience based on your clients’ preferred communication outlets. By leveraging your agency management system, creating a communication strategy and being easily accessible when your client needs you most— your clients will become champions of your agency.


Assess clients’ needs and modify service accordingly

Be proactive and contact your client in advance of renewal armed with any new information you ’ve collected during your touchpoints throughout the year.  When you are proactive with content and information updates with your clients and involved in the community, your clients know you are there and will likely renew.


Ask client for online reviews and referrals

A social media review or five-star business rating from a satisfied client can bring new business to your agency.  Incorporate an ‘ask’ for ratings or reviews in your outreach strategy—after positive claims experiences, renewal, or after a community event.  Monitor and respond to all reviews promptly and build your reputation as a trusted advisor.

Pro Tip:

Most touchpoints will apply to both commercial and personal lines; however, some clearly will apply primarily to one line of business.

For more information and a breakdown of each step, visit Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. 

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