Wahve goodbye to your busy season

Looking for help with your employee benefits business, especially before, during and after open enrollment in the fourth quarter?

If you answered yes, then look no further.

Open enrollment for 2019 will start on Nov. 1 and the health insurance marketplace will remain open until Dec. 15.

If you remember, the Trump administration shortened the open enrollment period (OEP) from 90 to 45 days last year and it appears this will remain for future OEPs.

WAHVE (Work at Home Vintage Experts) has many insurance professional pre-retirees who can assist during your busiest time of the year.

Services can range from preparation of new and renewal applications, to quoting and proposal preparation, to policy checking and more.


Benefits of WAHVE

  1. Unlimited talent pool. Why limit your search to just your immediate area? Your best employee could be 300 miles away or just around the corner.

    Because wahves are selected from the-best-of-the-best in the insurance industry, the WAHVE workforce is teeming with talent, and their experience could be your biggest asset.

  2. Specialization. No matter where you’re located, you can source the exact skills you need all within the remote workforce.

    Wahves are career veterans who are looking to supplement their retirement income. And they’re good – possibly the best you could ever hope to hire at a salary that’s well within your budget.

  3. No overhead. You’re not paying benefits, sick time, or disability with a wahve.

    A wahve is contracted help – not an employee. There’s no overhead, no onsite risks, no vetting of talent. That is all done for you.

  4. Easy communication. Wahves are tech-savvy. Our wahves use chat, Skype and other online communication tools, keeping them within easy reach no matter where they’re located.

  5. Motivated workers. Wahves are dedicated to what they do, and they come to each job with the motivation to get the job done right.

    Maybe it’s Sandy in Poughkeepsie who’s there to help your underwriting team, or Roger in Anaheim who’s functioning as a claims adjustor for a broker in Salt Lake City.

    Each wahve makes a conscious decision to accept the job assignment they’re presented. They’re there when you need them.

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