Why Your Job Posting Isn’t Getting Results

Written by John Hill of Ideal Traits, a Big "I Hires partner., originally published by Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.

Why don’t most insurance job ads perform?

Since 2015, I have written more than 2,000 ads for insurance positions. What I’ve learned through epic failure is that the answer is usually attributable to one of two major factors:

The job title. 

It’s too generic. If you’re like most agents, you probably include a very brief, self-explanatory job title in your ad—something like:

  • Insurance Sales

  • CSR

  • Licensed Insurance Producer

These are the common job titles many agencies use—and that’s exactly the problem! What’s differentiating you from the other agencies looking to make a new hire?

Your job ad is your first impression with a great candidate. Don’t let them pass you by simply because you couldn’t think of anything more creative than “Insurance Sales.” Hook the right candidate by giving them a reason to click on your ad. Descriptive words about your agency’s compensation, culture and growth potential are all great ways to entice a rock-star candidate to find out more.

Here are a few examples that I’ve found to be successful:

  • Insurance Sales, Amazing Pay, Career Growth

  • Insurance Sales, Experience A Must, Signing Bonus

  • Sales Opportunity, Uncapped Earnings, Will Train

  • Customer Service, Progressive Leadership, Salary + Bonus

The change is simple, but right off the bat, your candidates will be more aware of why they would want to work for your agency. 

The job description. 

It reads like an invoice instead of an explanation of why people like working for you and your agency.

Instead of describing the mundane tasks and obligations of the job in extensive detail, explain why your long-term employees continue to work for you. Tell your prospective recruits about your culture, how you can help them grow in their career goals, how much more money they can make—anything that accurately sets you apart from the other insurance agencies.

On that note, do yourself a favor and check out the ads that are currently running in your zip code so you can find out what your competition is doing. This will help you further define the unique reasons someone would want to come work for you instead.

The result: an uptick in not only candidates, but the right candidates—the kind you actually want to hire.

John Hill is director of sales at Ideal Traits, a Big "I Hires partner. Big "I" Hires offers cutting-edge tools to help agents hire top-performing sales and service staff. 

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